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For your convenience we offer a Curbside Pickup option and a Ship to Home option for each item.

  • If you choose Curbside Pickup, please enter the store's address - 114 W. Tehachapi Blvd.-  as the shipping address. 
  • For Curbside Pickup, please call the shop at (661) 822-4252 or email after placing your order so that we can arrange a date and time for pickup. 
  • When you are picking up your order, please call the store to notify us when you have arrived.
  • Ship to Home items will ship within 3 days of purchase.
  • Shipping amounts are listed in the description for each Ship to Home item.
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Carved Horn Fish - Ship to Home Carved Horn Fish 13 inches long
$12.00 Shipping

Carved Horn Fish - Ship to Home

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$ 65.00

Carved Horn Fish 13 inches long $12.00 Shipping

Product Detail:

This fun fish was carved out of an animal horn. It makes for a great conversation starter! The carving details go all around the horn, matching the scales of a real fish. It measures 13 inches long.

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